Our Journey

Welcome to my foray into blogging. This is a place to share my thoughts, experiences, and experiments in home education. I have four children walking along side us as we delight  in band, various sports, reading, and a myriad of other things.

I have been home schooling for about eight years and have slowly hewn a path from a rigid classical education to a more relaxed, eclectic style that fits my family. We never planned to homeschool. In fact, we eagerly awaited the day to sign my now 12 year old up for kindergarten. We have no public school horror story and never considered any other route. In fact, I thought homeschooling was something that radical, Birkenstock wearing, living off the grid types did.

My husband and I both worked in our local school district, albeit not as teachers. I found through my work that the district seemed to operate primarily to improve and take tests. Simply put, we wanted something different. We decided to pray about it. I assumed the change would be admission to the local Montessori school or a small, affordable private school. Suddenly, we started meeting home schoolers. It was as if an entire underground movement had manifested out of no where. I had literally never met anyone who home schooled. Families were popping up at the playground, library, and other places. There was this entire organized world I had known nothing about that consisted of home school museum classes, co-ops, and field trips. Where had all these people been hiding? It was as if a veil had been lifted. Someone invited me to a home school informational meeting at the local library.We accepted that as confirmation that this was the path God wanted us to take.

Initially, I followed the educational style of the people I met. At that time in my area, most families adhered to a classical education. We followed a pretty rigid schedule. School operated from 8-12 pm. Math, grammar, reading, and history were covered daily. I did not go out during the day until after 2 pm or only to designated programs. Outside time was even scheduled. All I knew was school at home. I think I felt someone would give my kids pop quizzes when they went out. I only had two kids at this time.

But, I gradually loosened up as I grew more comfortable and two more children came along. My schedule had become increasingly restricting and exhausting. Fast forward a couple of years, and we're a lot more relaxed using more living resources, hands on materials, and generally taking the slower path.


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